Listbox difficulties.

dan kabestan

Licensed User
I salute the big work made on B4ppc, since a year,
and hope it continues.

I yet meet some difficulties with the 'listbox' :
For a Desktop application, i cant put a listbox with "my choosed" Form dimension ! (800*600 for sample)
The top position is ok but, it always covers window at low .
It's impossible to put a component below it,
in run mode it's covered by the list box.
The choosed position is kept only with a 320*240 form !
Where is my mistake ?

The listbox without Horizontal scroll bar and without optional justify is little bit difficult to use.
Thank's for help

dan kabestan

Licensed User
:signOops:, i found the problem,
my wrong was a listbox attached height and width, to the Form height and width.
Thank's for quick help.