Android Question ListView Gravity problem [Solved]

Roger Daley

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Hi All

I have an App with a large number of lists which were shown on a large number of ListViews. As the requirements for these were very similar I went to one ListView with minor changes for each list, this worked well until in one instance set the gravity to center horizontal and vertical. Subsequently I found that for other lists I could not get the gravity back to the left.

I have attached a sample program with the problem.
In the SUB btnGUIMenu_Click there are three labels where gravity is set:
AllListView.SingleLineLayout.Label.Gravity =   Bit.Or(Gravity.CENTER_VERTICAL, Gravity.CENTER_HORIZONTAL)

When 'Settings" or "Actions" is selected from the Menu the SUB AllListViewSub should set the Gravity back to the left but doesn't . The first three labels [those used in the Menu remain center_Horizontal.

Any clues gratefully received
Regards Roger


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