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Hello all, just wanted to share with everyone a couple of live wallpapers i have finished, i must say i have learned a lot, thanks to everyone here in the forums who have been very helpful, specially Neotechni who helped me figure out how to move the golfball in a curved way, anyhow, please do check them out and as usual any and all feedback are welcome.


Golf Course Live WallPaper

Beautiful Lake Live WallPaper

Thanks all!


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Attractive tasteful images!
If you are GFORCE LABS, how did you manage to require GPS, Network and Phone permissions for wallpapers?


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Hi, there i'm not sure i understand your question, the reason i have those permissions there is because i have implemented ads in my live wallpapers, but they are not activated yet, i will activate the ads once i have a reasonable amount of users, hope this answers your question!