Wish Location change in the background


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please add:
The significant-change location service
I wish to track user location every 30-60 seconds

Tracking the User’s Location
There are several ways to track the user’s location in the background, most of which do not actually require your app to run continuously in the background:

  • The significant-change location service (Recommended)

  • Foreground-only location services

  • Background location services
The significant-change location service is highly recommended for apps that do not need high-precision location data. With this service, location updates are generated only when the user’s location changes significantly; thus, it is ideal for social apps or apps that provide the user with noncritical, location-relevant information. If the app is suspended when an update occurs, the system wakes it up in the background to handle the update. If the app starts this service and is then terminated, the system relaunches the app automatically when a new location becomes available. This service is available in iOS 4 and later, and it is available only on devices that contain a cellular radio.