Android Question Log() does not work on new device


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Cannot see any Log Messages on my new device:
Android 4.4.2, B4A Version 4.00
Debugging is set active!

Logging worked the last two years wonderful!
Can anybody help!


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Thanks for your replies!

Yes, I tried to run my app in debug (legacy) and debug (rapid) mode and pressing "Connect" button did not help.
So what I did afterwards:
1. Connected tablet via USB cable with PC
2. Enabled "USB Debugging" on tablet
3. Run "adb.exe devices"
4. Tablet returned a long string keeping characters (so I think, that I was connected with tablet?!)
5. Tried to load app via B4A GUI to tablet (ALT+F5) -> failed
6. Since debugging over USB cable failed, I switched back to B4A-bridge mode and – what a funny thing – I could see all Logs on the B4A GUI.
Actually I do not know what I have changed on my system, but it is working very well.
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