B4J Question Looking for database connection. Pulling my hair out


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Hi all.

Please forgive me i'm a newbie here.

I have programming experience with VB6-pro and have developed programs for 15 Years now.

I'm looking for a straight foreward database connection. Perferable with msaccess (.mdb)
I have been looking at "smb library" got stuck at ">adb -e forward tcp:7890 tcp:7890" onteh command line.

Have tried "JackcessDemo.b4a" and run into compile problems:
javac 1.7.0_51
src\b4a\jackcessdemo\main.java:405: error: cannot access Table
class file for com.healthmarketscience.jackcess.Table not found
1 error


Have been at this for some time now. But cant find the solution to this.
Any step by step howto available ??

please help.