Android Question Looking for Document to PDF Scanner


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I want to integrate document scanning into my app - just scan pages to PDF and save file where I want - OCR not necessary. Then I will upload the saved file to my web server. I have the file upload done, just need a document scanner.

Anyone know of any good SDKs for this and have done this before? Or maybe an existing B4A method?

Using B4A v6.31


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See the lib here:

Uploading files to a Web-Server (PHP) you can use:

Dim ImageBytes (0) As Byte
ImageBytes=Bit.InputStreamToBytes(File.OpenInput(FilePath, FileName))
Dim B64String As String
Dim su As StringUtils
To convert the file to a B64 string and use okHttpUtils (PostString) to upload it.


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to be more clear on what I want to do:

1. take a picture of a document (piece of paper or page)
2. crop the picture so the result looks like a flatbed scanner page
3. turn picture into PDF page and create PDF file or add new page to existing PDF file
4. no OCR needed

Sending the resultant PDF file to a server I can handle.

In essence, do what CamScanner or Scanbot does but without the cost or complication of their SDKs.


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I'd like to do the exact same thing for my app....Did you have any Luck finding a solution?