Bug? Lost work?


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To day I faced a rather unpleasant problem, that, luckily in my case, had little impact, but could have been a disaster. The fact is that I had B2A opened in editing, working on a project, on a Windows8 64 bit computer. During the long wait for a program to start on emulator (things seem worse in newer releases: it always says that the "process is too long" and asks for aborting it), I had the bad idea to install an Ip camera and related software. Some problem in Windows arose. The system was restarted. After this, B4A didn't load the existing project, saying something like "a key is missing" (actually part of the message was in Italian and I didn't save it). I had a copy of the b4a main module and just copied it back, limitating the damage. I perfectly understand that this report is fairly incomplete and perhaps naive, but the crude fact remains. The system restart, forced by Windows itself, saying that some internal problem arose, may have unpredictable results, no question about. But some possibility to recover the workspace should be advisable. I hope this to be a rare case and, to be sincere, in many years I had no problems with B4A.


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The problem is certainly not B4A, but, let's call it, the delicacy of Windows (I should call it instability, but "someone" might be offended :D)


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I've had to ditch my Windows 8 machine for any type of development whether in B4A or for web design.
It just hangs, is slow, random errors, and what not.

Specifically for B4A? Well the B4A Bridge simply stops working and refuses to connect after a while.
Reboots and re-installs don't work.
I have to resort to using a direct USB connection which is too problematic when testing on several devices at once.

Windows 7 is by far the most stable for me.