Low-Cost Laptop


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They are finaly arriving here at Portugal, but very litle review have been made...

I've seen 2 diferent models selling by now:
The Asus Eee Pc 701 4GB and the Acer Aspire One...With prices around 300 euros...
The word is that further late on the year, the market will be virtually flooded by theese type of equipments...

Any of yoy have any insight to share?
ny Opinion?
t's my believe that this platform would in fact be a great Coding machine..


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I hope that my experience with the Asus Eee assists others.
I purchased a Linux based Eee PC701 in February and used it as an email and web browser, for some word processing and spreadsheeting, as well as with a data projector for classroom teaching and information sessions. Being only Linux based I did not use Basic4PPC on it.
I was happy with my PC701, but so were my daughter and grand daughter - so after a while I could not get near it.
With news of the PC901 (power efficient Atom CPU) coming I was going to wait, but instead upgraded to the PC900 with Celeron CPU, 1GB Ram and running on XP. It is fantastic - with 12GB of SSD a 9 inch 1024*600 screen, and wireless. It came with numerous applications including StarOffice, Works, a Powerpoint viewer, and Skype. Via an external DVD writer I have installed Microsoft Office (and a Word reliant application named Course Genie used to develop online learning modules for the tertiary college I am employed with).
I have also installed Dream Weaver, an Icon Editor, a GIF creator, a Photoshop type application, and of course Basic4PPC. I could probably have loaded Visual Basic, but why bother!
All load and run quickly, demonstrating that this incredible little PC is a serious contender for development work.
My desk computer now lies idle for several days on end, while I daily use my PC900.