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Hello all,

I still hold the firm conviction that tutorials, code and project examples should be directed to absolute beginners, who know nothing about programming. Write for their weakness not for your strength.
I would even suggest that the installation should be fully automated and the installation package should include Android and Java SDKs, and the installation script should run completely transparent to the user.
(like VB when it installed Java VM automatically after a simple confirmation request).
Beginners need simplified and step-by-step guidance, while the Language reference and user guide are quite sufficient for the advanced programmers.. in fact they may even get offended when someone tried to explain to them the obvious! Beginners don't believe in over-simplification, the more simple approach the happier they become.
B4A is great and to my opinion is second to none, in terms of strength, stability, library base and support and market demand.
This being said, I wouldn't be doing justice if I stereotyped those warriors who have dedicated a great deal of their private time, and got out to just help anyone who needs help! your crusade is appreciated guys.
If we made it simple, then we could have 500,000 users by today, instead of 50,000.

This is not directed to anyone.. I am only enjoying my First Amendment :)