Beta manifest editor - font and window

Dave O

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Just trying the 5.0 beta for the first time.

I like the new Consolas font.

The manifest editor is still a separate window. Why not just make it another tab in the code editor? I'm not sure if making it a separate window has any advantages, and it just seems out of place.

Also, the manifest editor ignores the font setting of the code editor. I increased the font setting to 14 in the code editor, but the manifest editor still shows the default size.

Hope this helps!

Peter Simpson

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The font size has already been mentioned in a previous bug report, the designer font does not change size either.

You do not need the manifest as a tab. I would say that the tabs are only for modules that you create yourself. I mean once you set the manifest you will hardly ever go back into it again. No the manifest is fine as it it.
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