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    I try convert B4a's MapFragment to B4i for use easy it
    It is CustomView and can match with B4a module that you use it

    Events and Property:
    #DesignerProperty: Key: maptype, DisplayName: MapType, FieldType: String, DefaultValue: NORMAL, LIST: NORMAL|HYBRID|SATELLITE|TERRAIN
    #DesignerProperty: Key: locationenable, DisplayName: My Location Enabled, FieldType: Boolean, DefaultValue: True, Description:Show user location button on map
    #DesignerProperty: Key: traffic, DisplayName: Traffic Enabled, FieldType: Boolean, DefaultValue: False, Description:Enable traffic state on map
    #DesignerProperty: Key: showinfo, DisplayName: Show infoWindow on marker, FieldType: Boolean, DefaultValue: False, Description:Set true for show info windows on click marker
    #DesignerProperty: Key: api, DisplayName: Api Key, FieldType: String, DefaultValue: , Description:Enter googlemap api for show map
    #Event: Ready
    #Event: CameraChange(Position As CameraPosition)
    #Event: Click(Point As LatLng)
    #Event: LongClick
    #Event: MarkerClick(SelectedMarker As Marker)

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