Android Question MediaMetadataRetriever returns nulls for fields on certain MP3 files

Robert Valentino

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I use my cMediaData that uses MediaMetadataRetriever to read MP3 files. I like it better because when it works it can read all the fields as well as the image.

Found that on a lot of my older mp3 files (I'm real old and so are a lot of mp3 files) that it would return null on fields like AlbumArtist, etc.

Was driving me crazy and I finally figured out what was wrong.

Found I needed to update my mp3 file encoding to UTF-16. A lot of my mp3 files were ISO-8859-1

I guess MediaMetadataRetriever only likes 2 byte encoded data.

I updated the post of cMediaData to explain how to see what your mp3 files are using MP3Tag

Hope this helps