Java Question MediaRecorder - setCamera called in an invalid state


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Morning chaps and lasses,

I'm trying to create a library to utilize androids' MediaRecorder functionality.

Upon trying to setup a preview I keep getting an error.
setCamera called in an invalid state(4)
Here is the code snippet that the error occurs on

    public void StartPreview() {
        if(mState == STATE_UNINITIALIZED) {
            BA.Log("***MediaRecorder(" + mEventName + ") NOT Initialized***");
        else if(mFileSet != true) {
            BA.Log("***MediaRecorder(" + mEventName + ") OutputFile NOT Set***");
        else if(mState == STATE_STOPPED || mState == STATE_NONE) {
            BA.Log("Setting up preview");
            //Default to back Camera if not set
            if(mCamera != null){

                BA.Log("Camera Unlocked");
                ((MediaRecorder)getObject()).setCamera(mCamera); //error occurs on this line
                BA.Log("Camera Set to " + mCamera.toString());               
                //Default Camcorder Profile
                if (cProfile < 0) {
                    cProfile = CAMCORDER_PROFILE_QUALITY_HIGH;
                    BA.Log("Setting default Profile");
                BA.Log("Starting adding sv");
                mPanel.addView(sv, LP);
                mHolder = sv.getHolder();
                mHolder.setFixedSize(mPanel.getLayoutParams().width, mPanel.getLayoutParams().height);
                BA.Log("sv all added - " + LP.toString());
from looking at the unfiltered logs I would guess the camera Unlock()s ok

Setting up preview
Qint android::recording_enabled(camera_device*): E
recordingEnabled: (0)
Camera Unlocked
setCamera called in an invalid state(4)
main_activity_create (B4A line: 47)
    at Method)
As you can see I have added numerous 'logging' points to keep track of how it goes.
I have tried all sorts of combinations. Re-ordering the way other parameters are set like sources and encoders. At one point I had the invalid state @ (1) not (4), mostly it is 4 though. Any ideas?

If I don't add a camera or video source/encoder then the preview seems to start ok as though I could record audio.This camera seems to be the tricky bit.

You can see the entire code in necessary.



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no takers? anybody had camera invalid state?


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Do you want to record video?

AudioStreamer object from the Audio library is based on MediaRecorder (and AudioTrack). However I haven't looked into video recording with MediaRecorder yet.

It will probably be quite complicated to build a good library for video recording. The Camera library (v2.0) is one of the more complicated libraries.


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The Media Recorder can do audio and/or video. I wish to allow the full set of features

I have looked at many tutorials and the official docs, and tried all the documented 'order of commands'.

Apparently, all but the right one