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Hi gang,

'dllmerger' is a UI for the purpose of merging two or more official or user supplied Basic4ppc libraries referencing both the desktop and the device. The source is contained in 'dllmerger.sbp', the interface is believed to be intuitive.

To complete the package you need to download the file 'ilmerge.exe' from Microsoft' web site at:
and copy 'ilmerge.exe' into the 'ilmerge' folder.

Please be wary of the following points:

1. Copy the unzipped folder 'ilmerge' to your HD, typically c:\
2. Copy any Basic4ppc libraries to be merged into this folder (do not use subdirectories).
3. Make sure not to pick non-Basic4ppc libraries for merging.
4. Make sure not to mess desktop and device libraries.
5. The file name of an existing merged file will be deleted before merging a new library. This is important because in case of error no file will be created, i.e., the old library will not be overwritten and you might believe that a new merged library was created.
6. Upon successful creation of a merged library, a *.pdb file will be created as well. You may faithfully delete it.
7. 'dllmerger.exe' is a desktop-only application.
8. A few Basic4ppc libraries are included for immediate testing.
9. 'henshu_d.dll' and 'henshu_p.dll' are tested merged libraries, including binaryfile.dll, bitwise.dll, formlib.dll, hardware.dll, registry.dll for the desktop and device, respectively.

Best luck!

Heartful thanks to the following forum members (in alphabetical order) who flattened the way to this application:

DeeCee, dzt, Erel and Louis

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I am truly sorry, Erel, I wasn't aware of this.
I downloaded ilmerge.exe from:

On that page, Microsoft Research states:
ILMerge is a utility that can be used to merge multiple .NET assemblies into a single assembly. It is freely available for use from the Tools & Utilities page at the Microsoft .NET Framework Developer Center. Its license does allow commercial usage!

Anyway, do you wish me to remove the upload?


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I'm really sorry alfcen but you should not distribute ILMerge (its license doesn't permit it).
Instead you can put a download link to Microsoft site.

I'm sure the Microsoft laywers wouldn't make a big fuss over such a trivial mistake :signOops:

Unlike Endemol :sign0082:
I'm sure there watching me ......


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Hi Taxi
Probably so, but I want to keep this forum absolutely clean and therefore appreciate Erel's message very much. Well, as the saying goes, avoiding lawyers :)