Wish Migrating vb6 to B4A


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Is there any conversion tool available? Why do I have to rewrite everything from scratch?
I have several vb6 games I would like to port to android. The prospect of rewriting every line of code is daunting. Seems like something that would be a good candidate for automation. Get the conversion tool to do most of the work just clean up some of the details that did not translate. But at least most of it would be done and just needs touch up to make it compile. I don't know.. maybe there is not enough demand for something like that? I would pay good money for it as it would save me much time and help my learning curve.


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The problem is that, while the languages are similar, the frameworks for building stuff are completely different. Things are done differently, and some things can't be done at all. For example, the entire logic surrounding forms, their lifecycle and communication between them is completely different from how activities work.