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i am trying to slow down clicking on some button

i thought of using date and time for that so each 600 milliseconds the user can click

i have tried to do the following by some threads in this forum

Sub btn1_Click
Dim sendtime As Long
Dim lastsendtime As Long

sendtime = DateTime.Now

Log(sendtime - lastsendtime)
'here i am trying to capture if the difference between two times is smaller than or equal 600 then return

lastsendtime = DateTime.Now

End Sub

but the log shows big numbers that i couldn't figure out how to convert them to actual milliseconds


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When your are logging the time difference, as you have it, lastsendtime will always be zero. You need to declare lastsendtime outside the btn1_click sub (global)
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Peter Simpson

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Not tested.

'Process Globals
    Private PressedAt As Long
    Private WaitTime As Long = 600 'Milliseconds

    Private Button1 As Button

    If PressedAt = 0 Or (DateTime.Now - PressedAt) >= WaitTime Then
        PressedAt = DateTime.Now
        Log($"Pressed at ${DateTime.Time(DateTime.Now)}"$)
        'Your code goes here
        Log($"Oops!!! pressed too soon  ${DateTime.Now - PressedAt}"$)
    End If

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