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is there a way to minimize an application (form) using a button control?
Something like:

Sub Button3_Click
Form1.minimize 'or form1.hide
End Sub

I'm writing a program used in a car with only very few but large controls.


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Thanks for the fast reply.
After installing the current version of hardware.dll it works.


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Thank you alfcen,

I didn't find the time for testing, but at the first glance that looks pretty good.


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Hello akr
You may as well wish to look into dzt's NotifyIcon library which,
unlike Hardware.ShowTodayScreen, adds an icon to the tray bar.

NotifyIcon Libary

But the NotifyIcon library, works or not with 6.80 and optimized compiling???

I've find the ControlsExDevice library interesting.
In practice, I need this:
I want to minimize a form showing an icon in the Notification Area on PPC.
When I click on the icon, the application form go on the screen.

I've tried NotifyIcon, but with 6.80 and optimized compile, it doesn't work.
So, I've tried ControlsExDevice Notification method, but the icon is showed in the title, not on Notification Area.

What I have to do?

Someone can help me, please?
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