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Hello everyone,

This app lets you add in-app purchases from your Basic4Android application.
You are able to pay with Paypal, creditcard, etc.

The library is from ZooZ, not the one from PayPal!. It is a very to use library with a few functions.
All transactions, etc are done by ZooZ.

ZooZ is a software library for mobile application developers (runs on Android & iOS platforms) that enables to accept payments in your app quickly and easily.
ZooZ handles the entire payment process removing all the headaches from you as a merchant and developer.

Integration is easy and can be completed in 4 easy steps:

Step 1
Download all 4 library files (2 .jars and 2 .xmls), place them in your additional library folder and check them in your Basic4Android library pane at the right side of the IDE.

Step 2
Register at zooz.CO - purchase this domain.

Step 3
Register your app - Your app needs to be registered via this link.
When registering the app you receive a unique "APP KEY", which need to be used in the integration code.

Step 4
Code integration - The attachments includes a working sample file with the functions included.
Fill in your AppKey received from step 3.

Dim Payment as MobilePayment

Two events are raised when the transaction succeeds or fails:
Sub Payment_Success (TransactionID As String)
   Msgbox("Transaction ID: " & TransactionID, "Transaction Successful.")

End Sub

Sub Payment_Error (ErrorCode As Int, ErrorMessage As String)
   Msgbox("Error in transaction." & CRLF & "Error code: " & ErrorCode & CRLF & ErrorMessage, "Transaction Error")
End Sub

Step 5
Edit your manifest file and add the following 2 functions in your application node.

<!-- ZooZ Activity -->
<activity android:name="com.zooz.android.lib.CheckoutActivity" android:theme="@android:style/Theme.Translucent"/>
<!-- Pay Pal -->
<activity android:name="com.paypal.android.MEP.PayPalActivity" android:theme="@android:style/Theme.Translucent.NoTitleBar"

In project - do not overwrite manifest.

Step 6
Go live - After Integration and testing are completed you can move to production and start accepting payments.

And that's all.
I haven't been able to test it, as for the first time, you have to enter a creditcard number, and unfortunately, I don't have one.

Have fun!


EDIT: I hope the forum max zip upload can be updated some time. :)

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This sounds very interesting , thank you for this nice Library :sign0142:

keep up the good work :)

BTW. Why don't you upload this Library on this Forum which protect the Library against unRegistered Users as far as i know.


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Thank you XverhelstX

I will try it. I have one my app and maybe I will test it with this library.


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This sounds very interesting , thank you for this nice Library :sign0142:

keep up the good work :)

BTW. Why don't you upload this Library on this Forum which protect the Library against unRegistered Users as far as i know.

Because the forum only lets me upload to around 665 kb and the file is +-1.5 mb.

Even if I split it 2 seperate (sample code + library) they are both to big.)



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Before you launch anything in the Android Market
I would make sure you are not violating any terms

I remember reading a whole bunch of do's and don'ts
that you can do with in-app purchases and it seemed
like google checkout was the only way possible....

( if the purchases are for tangible goods then this doesn't violate apple's TOS (I don't believe). Virtual goods (e.g. games) and subscriptions (e.g. newspaper content) must go through apple ) **Android is similar

I need to brush up on this, maybe someone else

I am not sure how this applies when you launch it
to slideme, amazon...etc app stores...

I would also read billing best practices
Security and Design | Android Developers
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In-app Billing Requirements and Limitations

Before you get started with in-app billing, be sure to review the following requirements and limitations.

In-app billing can be implemented only in applications that you publish through Android Market.

You must have a Google Checkout Merchant account to use Android Market In-app Billing.

If your device is running Android 3.0, in-app billing requires version 5.0.12 (or higher) of the MyApps application. If your device is running any other version of Android, in-app billing requires version 2.3.4 (or higher) of the Android Market application.

An application can use in-app billing only if the device is running Android 1.6 (API level 4) or higher.

You can use in-app billing to sell only digital content. You cannot use in-app billing to sell physical goods, personal services, or anything that requires physical delivery.

Android Market does not provide any form of content delivery. You are responsible for delivering the digital content that you sell in your applications.
You cannot implement in-app billing on a device that never connects to the network. To complete in-app purchase requests, a device must be able to access the Android Market server over the network.



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Great work and fast!

In the Developer Guide at Zooz you can find that you can test in the Sandbox with:

Test credit cards
i. 4580-*-4580-*-4580-*-4580
ii. 5105-*-1051-*-0510-*-5100

b. Test PayPal
i. Username: user_1323072569_per@tactusmobile.com
ii. Password: 12345678



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Well vb1992,

I guess the Zooz guys have figured this out because they received 1.5 mil. funding from a few well known names. I figure they wouldn't invest if it wasn't allowed.

Till now I found this the easiest one to understand. Overall it is a very difficult process.

This is good to get some testing grounds and see how it works etc. Getting paid for work in the Google Market is almost impossible anyway, there are not many developers making good money.



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The text you quoted from Google Android Market is if your app wants to use Google Checkout for Digital goods only and pay them 30% commission.

ZooZ offers a way around Google checkout, which is not limited to the Android Market, Google checkout limited countries or other limitations imposed by Google.

You can use ZooZ Library as checkout in any market you choose and for physical goods as well.


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Just say you made a Race Car game, and you were going to
charge $2 in-app purchase for the Super Charger, I thought
google wants 30% of it, and if you bypass them, they will
suspend your app in the android market?

I haven't really investigated this yet....


What is zooz.co cut of the $2


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ZooZ Team

Hello guys,

I am Ronen from the ZooZ team.
We are excited to have you basic4android developers joining and trying our service.

To use our service is easy as it gets.
But since its a service you will need to register and open an account at our site as well.

We are all developers as well and can provide you with the best support and hands on assistance in case you need it.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any feedback and question.

Thank you,
Ronen Morecki


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"This is good to get some testing grounds and see how it works etc. Getting paid for work in the Google Market is almost impossible anyway, there are not many developers making good money."

I am all for in-app purchases and I think if done well, could
be very lucrative, especially in gaming

I am just trying to get it clarified first before testing.


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Hello guys,

I am Eyal from the ZooZ team.

There were several issues that were raised here that I would like to refer to:

1) Regarding our fees:
Well, we are on Beta. During Beta we don't charge any fees at all.
After beta the fees will be per transactions without any setup fees or other hidden costs.
Transaction fees will be low and very competitive in the online market much less than the Android market and we will publish them soon.​

2) Using ZooZ as your payment method in In-apps that are published through Android Market.

For now, The Android market doesn’t enforce this limitation and they do published In-App that uses other payment methods. There are several other payment methods that are used as payment method in In-apps through the Android market like PayPal, ZooZ, Boku and other.
If they do start to enforce this limitation, there are many other strong markets that enable other payment methods for virtual goods.​

For Any other questions please visit our FAQs page http://zooz.co/faq.html You might find it helpful.


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Problems with the Zooz UI


I can start the Zooz payment dialog but for me the UI is leaving a lot of questions (see attached screenshot).

Is this how it should look? I run it on a Nexus One and also tried it on emulator, both with the same result.

Good you guys are here to support.



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At ZooZ, we are working hard to deliver full solution for you to use.
Downloading our SDK directly from our site will make sure you will get full and complete solution.
Regarding the problem with the images, I'm sure it something that Basic 4 Android can fix for you guys.
For your convenient, I attached some snapshots from our SDK



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