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    This is more of a mathematical question than a programming one. Here is my problem:

    I have a rock face that I want to monitor for any movement. I define the border (the outside parameters) of the area to be monitored by coordinates. Usually the area will have the shape of a polygon. Then I define the intervals say 0.1m by 0.1m which the Robotic Total Station must scan inside the defined area. The Total Station is set up at a known point and uses a lazer beam to determine the coordinates there where it hits the surface. This will be repeated everyday and the coordinates compared to see if there is any movement.

    Now my question is, does anybody know of a VERY short formulae to check whether the coordinate calculated at the rock face is inside the defined area:sign0085:

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    Klaus.........what would I have done without you!!:sign0188::sign0188::sign0188:

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    Hi Agraham

    You guys are great! I cannot believe the help that I am getting here on this forum:sign0060:

    I wish the guys at NSBasic could see this!

    Thanks again:sign0188:
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