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i build this game. Instead of using any sprite lib i just used the views (see below for explanation).
The graphics are poor, im not good in computer art.
Sorry cannot upload because file is too large. Looke for MouseTrap under free games at Play.Google (former Android market)
or look at YouTube for yeroen1954 or:!1390
or see NJDude (he's much smarter then me)


' - for explanation of the game see Info (help text)
' - in Windows (with emulator) you can use cursor to move and space for gates
' - the main idea is to use the views as sprites
' - each "sprite" view has the same size (ex. 32*32 pixels)
' - for positioning or moving the sprite views, make arrays
' - each actual index of this array is related to the position of the sprite views
' - so if the sprite view is moving with 16 pixels then your array index is added up/down with 16/32=0.5
' - so if the sprite view is moving slower with 8 pixels then your array index is added up/down with 8/32=0.25
' - all (sprite) collisions will be tested by this arrays you made
' - In designer: for the maze i only use viewMouse, viewStartBorder and PanelBackground. All other "sprite" view sizes are related on this views.
' - you can develope a game maze in NoteBook or use (more confenient) a spreadsheet like Excel and save as a textfile
' - let your app read this maze textfile in a proper way. See file: mousetrapphonelandscapemaze.txt and Sub Loadmaze
' - In this case any maze must start with at least 1 cat.
' - The user console is set next right from the maze in the Sub PlaceConsole. So its position is NOT set in designer!

i added some Subs in txt files
Anyway: whats the difference between If/Then/Else and Case/Select? Does it has to do with speed?


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