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Discussion in 'B4R Questions' started by barx, Feb 11, 2018.

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    You should use Connect2 with MqttConnectOptions to set the user name and password.
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    Thanks Erel, I had spotted that shortly before you posted it.
    I tried many ways to get this working but each time it failed. After reading the code example I posted I also tried using .getBytes() wondering if it did the same work as
    .toCharArray in the example. Still no joy.

    After a rather long time and at the point of nearly giving up, I noted that the only thing I hadn't changed was the number of fields I was trying to update. Each time I had been trying to post 8 fields (max allowed for a ThingSpeak Channel.)

    I finally got a bite on the line when I reduced the number of fields I was posting to. I tried just one. After a few combinations of the other options, it worked!!!!

    So, i then went back to 8 fields........ no worky.

    I started back at 1, then worked my way up until it failed. Anyway it failed at anything above 6 fields. I stared at the code tirelessly, trying to see what was different between the 7th and/or 8th fields that would made it fail. Nothing was wrong that I could see. I then began to wonder if it was the actual length of what was being sent, it was the only thing that made sense. So, to increase the buffer I looked for something relating to 'MaxBufferSize' like with async stream. I didn't find anything.

    I searched google for an answer and found a pointer in the right direction. The answer was to edit the PubSubClient.h file found under '\Anywhere Software\B4R\Libraries\rMQTT\' and edit the following line

    Setting the value to 256.

    NOTE: your editor needs Admin Priviledges

    This now works for all 8 fields!!!!

    Working code example to follow as this post is getting a little long with me rambling on, sorry.
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  5. barx

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    NOTE: the bits in <> are where you insert your own data / keys

    Sub Process_Globals

    Private MQTT As MqttClient
    Private MQTTOptions As MqttConnectOptions
    Private tmr0 As Timer
    End Sub

    public Sub Start

    "tmr0_tick"30000'tick every 30 seconds
    End Sub

    server.Socket.Stream, "mqtt.thingspeak.com"1883, <ClientID>, "MQTT_MessageArrived""MQTT_Disconnected")
       MQTTOptions.Initialize(<Username>, <MQTTAPIKey>) 
    'MQTTAPIKey from Account > My Profile
       If MQTT.Connect2(MQTTOptions) Then
           tmr0.Enabled = 
           tmr0.Enabled = 
    Log("not connected")
    End If
    End Sub

    Sub tmr0_Tick
    'publish data
        ...'Code to fill Fields() array with the data to send.
       Log(MQTT.Publish(MQTTHelper.ThingSpeakTopicBuilder(<ChannelID>, <ChannelIDWriteAPIKey>), MQTTHelper.GetPayload))
    End Sub

    Private Sub MQTT_MessageArrived (Topic As String, Payload() As Byte)
    End Sub

    Private Sub MQTT_Disconnected
    End Sub
    The little helper module look like

    public Sub ThingSpeakTopicBuilder(ChannelID As String, ChannelWriteAPIKey As StringAs String
    Return JoinStrings(Array As String("channels/", ChannelID, "/publish/", ChannelWriteAPIKey))
    End Sub

    'returns the payload
    public Sub GetPayload() As String
    Return JoinStrings(Array As String("field1=", Fields(0), "&field2=", Fields(1), "&field3=", Fields(2), "&field4=", Fields(3), "&field5=", Fields(4), "&field6=", Fields(5), "&field7=", Fields(6), "&field8=", Fields(7)))
    End Sub
    Thought I would post this in case it helps someone in future ;)
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