B4J Library MQTT - MQ Telemetry Transport for B4J

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Alberto Iglesias

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This library was made based on MQTT Protocol

Installation instructions:

- Copy the .xml and .jar(s) files to your custom libraries folder

Version history:
V1.0 (First public release - Donationware):
- Initial version

Alberto Iglesias - alberto@visualnet.inf.br
Version: 1.01
  • MQTT
    • connectionlost ( As )
    • deliverycomplete (Token As String)
    • messageArrived (Topic As String, Message As String)
    • onConnect (Status as boolean As )
    • onDisconnect (Status as boolean As )
    • onInitialized ( As )
    • CleanSession As Boolean
    • KeepAliveInterval As Int
    • QoS_AtLeastOnce As Int
    • QoS_AtMostOnce As Int
    • QoS_ExactlyOnce As Int
    • generatedClientId As String
    • About As String
    • Connect (broker As String, ClientID As String, Username As String, Password As String) As Boolean
    • Disconnect As Boolean
    • Initialize (eventname As String)
    • Publish (Topic As String, Message As String, Qos As Int, Retained As Boolean)
    • Subscribe (Topic As String)
    • Unsubscribe (Topic As String)
    • Version As String
    • isConnected As Boolean

How works the MQTT protocol

Communication Infrastructure

Mosquitto Broker: http://mosquitto.org/

* This version is fully functional, the only one difference is when publishing a message the text "Donationware" is delivery with your message.
Please consider a simple €10 donation and I send to you the Library without "Donationware" text in a publish method.

Already available in B4A too:

Already available in B4i too:

Works on MAC

Works on Windows


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Hi,Alberto! I try MQTT Sample for B4J. If I run in IDE work OK. If I run java - jar MqttB4J.jar
objMqtt_messageArrived not work :( (Library 1.00)


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@Alberto Iglesias
I just purchased this lib. I see that it is not the same as the b4a lib.can you upgrade this to the same version as b4a?



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Hi Alberto.

None of these features are in the b4j version. Can we get them into the b4j version?

V1.0.4 (Release - Donationware):
- Implement method to subscribe a topic with QoS

V1.0.5 (Release - Donationware):
- Now can be used isConnected method "BEFORE" the first connection
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I did notice that the version number still says 1.0.1
But the new methods are there.

Thanks again!!!!


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But, can i upload to host service free? or is for install in a local machine then access with a noip program? I need remote access to a arduino device
through message text.

Pero puedo subirlo a un servicio de host gratuito (preferiría subirlo que usar uno de acceso público) o tengo que instalarlo en la computadora local y luego acceder con un programa como noip? Básicamente quiero crear un broker para un arduino y acceder remotamente enviándole mensajes.



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Thank's for your interest, I have searching for information about this protocol, and I think, I going to give a try to the raspberry. Do you know if exist a serious security problem?

Gracias por el interés, He estado buscando información de este protocolo y creo que probaré el raspberry. ¿Sabes si existe algún problema serio de seguridad?


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In this moment i can say in Raspberry 2 works, I don't think was so easy, thank you for the lib. I will recharge my paypal account and buy you a coffee. BTW, is 10 EU for each lib right?


En este momento te puedo confirmar que en el Raspberry 2 funciona perfectamente, no pensé fuera tan fácil, gracias por la librería, recargaré mi cuenta de paypal para invitarte un café. Por cierto, ¿son 10 euros por cada librería, cierto?

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BTW when I run the example code, the logs showme a message (red color), what's mean?

Por cierto al ejecutar el ejemplo me aparece el siguiente aviso (color rojo) que significa?