MsgBox with icon option cMsgBoxHand (?)


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The Help and hint for MsgBox includes the icon option cMsgBoxHand. I don't think I have ever used this.

I was interested in Klaus' sugestion in for an alternative to MsgBox but when I tried to run it under desktop IDE I get a complaint that hand.png is missing (although the screenshot shown has the exclamation rather than hand; I guess Klaus has covered all options).

Since Klaus attached only the sbp file I thought I could acquire a hand bitmap by capturing from another program using the icon option cMsgBoxHand.

That was when I found the real bug I am reporting: MsgBox with icon option cMsgBoxHand, per the hint, and run under desktop IDE shows the red X rather than a hand. When does the hand show?



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I also noticed that the cMsgBoxHand option shows the red circle with a white cross.

I looked in VB6, there the icons are labeld differently
cMsgBoxHand -> vbCritical white x in red circle
cMsgBoxAsterisk -> vbInformation lower case i in a circle
cMsgBoxExclamation -> vbExclamation exclamation point in a yellow triangle
cMsgBoxQuestion -> vQuestion question mark in a circle

It looks not like a bug but a like strange labeling in .NET !?
MessageBoxIcon Enumeration (System.Windows.Forms)

Sorry for having put only the sbp file in the post.
Now there is a zip file there with the images.
Attached the same program with a choice for the icons.

Best regards.


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I *Think* hand dates back to the old circa Windows 3.1 days when the icon for a 'Critical Stop' was a stop sign with a hand... :confused:

(I think, I just can't remember :))