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Pietro Pancino

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Hi Erel.

I am new in the java world.
I am programming in several language (AS3, VB, Assembler) on various plateform. I build our own microcontroler board and they are all connected together around a multiclient server written in LINGO (director). This server work, but he is heavy in machine time and I want to write a new one.

This server is the node beetween serveral hardware pluged on Ethernet or on wifi, and a local multimedia software written in flash.
Each electronic board need to be identified, and some have to dialog direcly thru the server to some other board. It's not possible to use HTTP protocole.

I have build and example and i tried to open different astream (at least two right now) to try to identify the origin of the stream but it's don't work. I only have one server_NewConnection event, and i need to close the actual server and reopen it to have a new connnection. In fact no multiple connection seems to be possible at a time. I am certainly doing bad...
Here is my code. If you can help me.

Best regards



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This is a community forum. Please don't limit your questions to a single member.

Are you building the server with B4J? If yes then please post this question in the B4J questions forum.

Note that when you upload projects then you need to use File - Export as zip to avoid uploading unnecessary files.
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