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I was looking for a solution to convert multi-line text to a Pdf.
The solution to convert a text field into a graphic was qualitatively no option.

here a short 'dirty hack' maybe someone can do something with it.
(or improve with it :)

the original approach

Sub Globals
 Dim xpos As Float = 0
 Dim ypos As Float = 0
 Dim lineHeight As Float = 0
End Sub

Dim c As Canvas = pdf.Canvas
 Dim txt As String = "This is the first line here there is still a lot to do. at least it's possible. sometimes a bad solution is better than none." & CRLF & "This is the second line here of course you can also do some things" & CRLF & "..." & CRLF & "This is the last line"
 DrawMultilineText(c, txt, 150dip, Typeface.DEFAULT_BOLD, 5, Colors.Black, "LEFT", 5dip)

Sub DrawMultilineText(Canv As Canvas, Text As String, width As Float, Typeface1 As Typeface, textSize As Float, Color As Long, Align1 As String, Space As Float)
 lineHeight = Canv.MeasureStringHeight(Text, Typeface1, textSize)
 For Each line As String In Regex.Split(CRLF, Text)
  Do While line <> ""
   line = Messen(Canv,line, Typeface1, textSize, width,Color, Align1, Space )
End Sub

Sub Messen(Canv As Canvas,line As String,Typeface1 As Typeface,textSize As Float, width As Float,Color As Long, Align1 As String, Space As Float) As String
 Dim length As Int = pdf.Canvas.MeasureStringWidth(line, Typeface1 , textSize) 'line fits
 If length < width Then
  Canv.DrawText(line, xpos, ypos, Typeface1, textSize, Color, Align1)
  ypos = ypos + lineHeight + Space
  Return ""
 End If
 Dim Printline As String = ""
 Dim newline As String = ""
 Dim pos As Int = 0
 line = line & " "
 For i = 0 To line.Length - 1
  Dim c As Char = line.CharAt(i)
  If c = " " Then
   Dim Teststring = glib.Left(line,i) 'vb6 left :)
   Dim length As Int = pdf.Canvas.MeasureStringWidth(Teststring, Typeface1 , textSize)
   If length < width Then
    pos = i
    Printline = glib.Left( Teststring,i)
    Canv.DrawText(Printline, xpos, ypos, Typeface1, textSize, Color, Align1)
    ypos = ypos + lineHeight + Space
    newline = glib.Mid(line,i+1,-1) 'vb6 mid$(-1 = rest of sting) Exit
   End If
  End If
 Return newline.trim
End Sub

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