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Hi folks,

Is there any way to create a multiline textbox with Basic4PPC? Right now, something like
dim the String
theString = "This is a line." & CRLF & "This is another." & CRLF & CRLF & "This is the last line."
added to a textbox causes the whole line to appear on a single line. At least, this is what seems to happen on my PDA/phone. The arrow keys do not move by lines, though I have noticed the carriage return character is being printed. Any thoughts as to what I should do?

- All my best,
- Steve


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Textbox are more often used as an input than an output...
I known that in a label dimming the string as you did do result in a multi-line text, however in textboxes you'll need to set the multiline propertie to true, wich can be done either in the IDE, or by code...
like this:

TextBox1.MultiLine = true
TextBox1.text= "what ever i want" & CRLF & "This is the 2nd line"