Multimedia requests..


Hey guys,

Not sure how hard it would be to do, but it would be absolutely awesome if it were possible to port something like LibMad over to the pocketpc.. theres a windows CE version available.. *shrug*

Oh and, also access to directdraw GAPI or direct3d for devices would be freaking awesome.

Writing an extremely simple media composer software for my wm6 smartphone (dopod 810) and it would be great to have access to the integrated ATI graphics chipset, could maybe do something more than simple media joining with audio and image montage support.

*offtopic* heh

Thanks for your time though guys, heh stick with it... Ive been writing a software development kit for PHP and I know I personally found it grueling to spend so much time making something.. that just makes something.

*offtopic again*, bah..