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Hello everyone,

this is my first Widget.

What can the widget?
The widget when it is activated, waits until a Wifi or Bluetooth connection is aborted and switches the function of the device off.

In this way you can save battery power.

The widget is from today at Google play at: Check Wifi + Bt


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How often does this app check for connection? Is there a way to leave WiFi always ON and set BT to AutoOff? .. or vice versa?


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It doesn't seem to do anything except take up space on my Samsung S4 mini ... ? It IS running - just never has any effect on Bluetooth or WiFi that I can tell.

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Hi SteveD,

This is the function of the widget:
1) Activate the Bluetooth button on the widget
2) Turn on your Bluetooth on the device
3) Take a Bluetooth connection to any Bluetooth device (eg a car radio)
4) Turn off the Bluetooth device.

Now get the widget noted that the Bluetooth connection is broken, and turns off the Bluetooth function on the device.
With the switch (ON/OFF) can be set if the function on the widget stays active or not.

The same works with Wifi.


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FYI - this app never seems to do ANYTHING. Never turns off BT or WiFi under any condition.
Samsung S4 Mini w/Android 4.4.2