My First Libs for the desktop only: Beeping and Talking


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These dlls are my first 2 I have successfully written! I promise more now that I have the hang of it!
The first one everyone can benefit from. It's called BeepingDesktop.dll. Add arcade like music to your Basic4ppc application. This is a wrapper around the beep() command in Kernel32.dll.
Simply add the dll to your Basic4ppc application and use the new1() method to not only initialize the lib but to generate your beep. The format of the new1 method is:
syntax: new1(note as int32, duration as int32)
and the note is played.
A sample B4PPC file is included so you can see how it exactly works. When you run it, a piano scale is played!

The second one requires that you hav JAWS v5.0 or later from Freedom Scientific installed!
JAWS is a screen reading program for the blind that lets blind people know what is going on their computer so they can use it independently. You can now control what your application speaks with JFWApi.dll! It implements 3 functions. Please do NOT call any of the functions beginning with JFW as they are not intended for b4ppc usage.
All functions from this library returns true upon success, false otherwise!
speak("textToSpeak" as string, "0=Don't interrupt speech if speech is currently reading something, 1 or greater will immediately interrupt speech to read what you just passed in." as int32)
StopTalking - Immediately stop reading
RunScript("ScriptName" as string) Run a JAWS script.

I really hope you all enjoy these libraries! More are to come!


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Sounds like the early beeps of my good old "sinclair zx spectrum"!