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  1. [B4X] User Login App + [B4J] MySQL API Server (Key + Token)
  2. [B4X] PokeDex
  1. In App Billing Demo
  2. User Login + MySQL PHP API
  3. B4A Bridge (Reskinned UI)
  1. Aco (source code)
  2. Todo List (source code)
  1. Creating My Own DDNS Solution
  2. B4JQuiz - Desktop App
  3. JQuiz - API Server / Web Service for B4XQuiz (with SSL)
  4. jAdmin (MySQL Database Admin)
  5. Print Server (USB Thermal Receipt) running on Raspberry Pi
  6. Web API Template
  7. Web API Template 2 (Beta)
  1. 1 digit 7 segment LED display
  2. Traffic lights + 7 segment display countdown

List latest updated since Jan 2021. I will add in more older post when I have time.
I am not sure it is appropriate to post here. Someone asked me to list all my source code so I thought to create a post (for my "followers").
This post is to list some of the posts I have posted in this forum (that I think are useful).
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Answers / Tips (worth reading)

  1. (ask) jdbc url dynamic database and implementation
  2. how to update db with jrdc2 (MSSQL)
  3. Date time parse [SOLVED]
  4. Database update when installing the application
  5. Android Emulator for MacOS 📱💻
  6. Remove Views
  7. How to connect Database FoxPro With JdbcSQL and jRDC2
  8. Detect Previous Installation
  9. Static code modules cannot handle events
  10. CRC16A problem (Thailand Promptpay Payment Gateway)
  11. KeyValueStore for B4XPages
  12. [Solved] No Logs for Honor phone
  13. HttpJob not connecting to Localhost
  14. Get date of last day of the month
  15. How can I Get Date & Time of Other Country ?
  16. SQLite search with more keywords
  17. Google in app subscription
  18. BLE failed to connect
  19. Reading Notepad text file
  20. Route between points google maps
  21. Drawing shape, image and text and save as image
  22. [solved]Open Whatsapp with a specific number
  23. To develop layouts what is best: Code or Designer?
  24. Select database name from client parameter with JRDC
  25. First Day Of Icelandic Month
  1. httpjob error (HttpJob demo and Mini server)
  2. Getting started with B4i from B4A. Where to start?
  3. LoadUrl problem (WebView)
  4. application label (with special characters)
  5. [Solved] Printing with BLE
  6. Set click_action for push notification from php
  7. Firebase Sending tool needs update to support Firebase Cloud Messaging V1
  8. [Solved] How to use Chr()?
  1. Simple Console IO in B4J?
  2. B4J jar to Linux
  3. read xml files
  4. jRDC2 is it safe?
  5. [jRDC] SELECT column name with special characters from MySQL
  6. B4J Server Redirect After Registration Confirmation
  7. HttpJob StreamReader (TextReader) to JSON
  8. [Databases] How can I store ONLY the last 20 records for each unique key?
  10. [Solved][Server] Warning when using mysql-connector-java-5.1.49-bin
  11. ServletResponse has ended when calling SMTP.Send
  12. 3DPrinter simulator and monitoring server
  13. jRDC Client
  14. [P H P] Send Email using PHPMailer
  15. Advice following a tutorial
  16. Naming variables
  17. POST vs GET request (google translate rapidapi)
  18. Save Image to Database using jRDC2
  19. Call stored procedure in jRDC2
  20. OpenJDK 17 or 19? JavaFX SDK 17?
  21. WARNING: package com.sun.javafx.embed.swing.oldimpl not in javafx.swing
  22. B4XTable FrozenColumns at right?
  23. Help request: call a (simple) Java class from B4J
  24. b4j web server and pdf using iframe tag
  25. OKHttputils has a FileNotFoundException
  26. Create json string
  27. Program documentation
  28. jRdc2 + Firebird - connection problem ( trailing space)
  29. I would like to convert an existing website into a webapp. (PWA)
  30. Problem using Customlistview in B4J
  31. JRDC with variable number of parameters
  32. Linux web-app autostart
  33. (Solved) [B4X] B4XTable Column Id
  34. Button with icon + text
  35. How to know if string is parseable as JSON "list" or "Map"
  36. How to print to console without CRLF?
  37. [SOLVED] [B4XTable] HeaderFont loses Bold when text is non-English
  38. [B4XTable] Copy Cell Content
  39. [Solved] How to reference a series of labels
  40. Edit JRDC without recompile
  41. [WebApp] [Solved] Uncaught ReferenceError: $ is not defined
  42. [Server] Handling Cache
  43. working with AWS Lambda function
  44. prompted in the IDE which library to use?
  45. B4XPreferencesDialog - Today button
  46. [SOLVED - Wayland to X11] Error in Ubuntu 22.04 with jdk-11.0.1
  47. [SOLVED] Refresh B4XPreferenceDialog Options from Updated List
  48. B4J Packager11 and Raspberry Pi - problem with Release
  49. Questions from NEWBIE (B4X, B4XPages and B4J)
  50. [B4XTable] Set Horizontal Scrollbar Size
  51. [Solved] Button lost hover effect when using SetColorAndBorder
  1. Which boards to get?
  2. AppStart shows twice in Logs
  3. how to make a toy controllable car with b4r

Discussions / ChitChat
  1. Why some B4X developers prefer WebView?
  2. MySQL 8.0
  3. Select-Case -> Mistake that I never realized
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