Android Question MyFirstProgram won't work stand-alone


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I'm a complete beginner to B4A (but have been doing VB6 programming for a while) but cannot seem to get the sample 'MyFirstprogram' and 'SecondProgram' to work stand-alone (ie without the IDE).
They work fine when connected (via B4A-Bridge & wifi) so I wonder if I've missed a step (I used the sample code rather than typing it all in as per the beginners guide).
The apps are listed in "settings - application manager" so seem to have been installed on the phone (in internal memory rather than on the SD card).
It probably does not help that I'm not very conversant with how Android works other than as an end-user but I hoped that using B4A to develop apps for my own personal use would fill some gaps.
I have tried to check the Forum but could not find an obvious similar problem.
At the moment, I am still using the 30-day trial version.
Any help gratefully received.