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  1. stefanoa

    stefanoa Active Member Licensed User

    MyPassword Manager is a secure and simple to use, manage and protect all your passwords and your sensitive data, can be used on all your devices, tablets and Android phones,

    GooglePlay link

    • Organize and consult your passwords and private information
    • Management of the categories of password
    • Create numeric or alphanumeric password of any length, with instant password generator
    • Backup / Restore to / from SD Card
    • Backup / Restore to / from Dropbox
    • Advanced encryption to protect your data
    • Settings custom preferences

    The tables are fully customizable to adapt the application to your needs!
    Available in ENGLISH

    • Other languages


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  2. stefanoa

    stefanoa Active Member Licensed User

    version 1.10
    - Menù Preferences - New Themes option
    - New function for Password creation
    - Updated Function Fonts (font sizes up to 30)
    - color label parametrized and background theme
    - Transparent Background on Left Side Menu
    - Updated icons of waiting, confirmation and help
  3. Celtic_80

    Celtic_80 New Member Licensed User

    Hello ;
    Have you a newer version or can you share your source ?
    Thank you
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