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MyUSA The app that will give you everything that you need to know at a moments notice. MyUSA is a great app for foreign and domestic users. It provides stuctural information for people that want to learn about the different things about the United States. This is also great if you want to learn more about your country and its features. Sitting on the train or on a bus, pull out MyUSA and learn some things instead of sitting there wasting your time. Buy MyUSA!
MyUSA features the following areas...
★ Amendments- Bill of Rights
★ All 44 Presidents And their photos
★ The Full Constitution
★ Over 200 Facts About the USA
★ All 50 States and Their Capitals
★ Important Dates for 2013
★ The National Anthem (Actually Plays the song) and the lyrics
★The Pledge of Allegiance

This App will in come in handy wherever you go and should be an aid to whatever you do.
So show your respect to the United States of America and Buy this app!

Paid Version Play Store

Free Version With Ads

How did I do considering i am a ninth grader? Constructive Criticism is welcome


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Nice app, however, I found a few issues:

1- You should center your Ad at the bottom of the screen, this is how it looks on a large screen PHONE and on a TABLET.

2- Look at the word "FREE" on the phone screenshot, it's on the top right corner, on the tablet is next to the word "History"

3- On the tablet screenshot, the "Amendments" and "Constitution" buttons are not the same size as the others.

4- Clicking on "Important Dates" generates THIS error

5- Clicking on the "Constitution" button on the phone, look how the Ad overlaps the text, on the tablet seems ok.

6- On the phone, the "Anthem" fonts looks too small (I'm guessing is a picture), you can barely read it.

7- Tapping on a "Full version" feature (the one that takes you to the market, for example the "Facts" button), if you press the BACK KEY it brings you back to a BLACK screen, kind of confusing.

8- If I tap on the "Amendments" button and then on the arrow to read the amendmends, after the 3rd amendment THIS happens. Also, after opening the amendmends page, if I tap on the BACK button and click again on the "amendmends" button, I see a BLACK screen.

9- Tapping on "Credits", I get THIS error sometimes.

I have tested your app on a EVO 4G LTE (Jelly Bean 4.1.1) and a Nexus 7 (Jelly Bean 4.2.2).

You have some homework to do young man :D

Keep up the good work!!


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Thanks !!!

Dude, NJ dude I love u. Thanks so much for pointing these things out for me. That's really weird cause it works fine on the Nexus 4, thanks so much though, this is really going to help me.


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I have to say your app looks really great from the screen shots and i will download and take a better look (not knowing alot about the american amendments and so on being English).

i just think its great to see the bredth of the B4A community from the span of ages to the cultures and countrys our members come from.

It is such a great place to throw ideas and get constructive comments back.

Keep up the great work Sarim and everyone