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narek adonts

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few issues with the NativeObject.CreateBlock method

1. why max param size is 2 ? I need more

Dim n as NativeObject

Sub Block_Event(args() object) as Object
dim n2 as native object=sender

End sub
n1 is not equal to n2. I think it should so we could use the tag property


There are some methods which call the block several time (ex. enumerateObjectsUsingBlock, etc..)
When using WaitFor to wait the event of the block it is raised only one. But when using a sub instead of WaitFor it call several time(as it should be)

thank u

narek adonts

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Don't use these methods. They were added before the inline OBJC feature was added. Use inline code if you need to work with blocks.
I am using inline now. But the issue is that each time you run in debug mode it the compiling take too long. With nativeobjects its fast
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