iOS Question NativeObject - Finding the currencySymbol


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Hello All,

I have been searching the forums trying to figure out hot to use the NativeObject to get information from an iDevice - I am looking for the currencySymbol the device is set to use, i found the method in the API for the device, I simply have to get the currencySymbol: from the NSLocale and I should be given the string back.

I have looked at various examples, and try as I might to replicate what I think I need to send I just get method not found when I try this:-

Dim no as NativeObject

I think I have the right statement, because if I use commonISOCurrencyCodes instead I am returned with a list of items - which leads me to wonder what I am doing wrong, or is it that I simply can't expect to get back the info I need because its somehow not supported?

any help would be appreciated.



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As always Erel, fast with the replies, I was so close ;) thanks for getting me there, now I have to figure out if the code was different for iOS9 because its not working on a device running that.. grrr apple ;)
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