Need Barcode Reader Program


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Hi Everyone...

I need a program that will

1) Scan a Barcode
2) Insert the Barcode in a remote SQL Server Database. (would like to use jtds-1.2.5.jar or any other direct connection)
3) Confirm to user that scan was successful
4) Exit

Plus the following administrative task.

1) Prompt for an Administrative Password
2) Prompt and save a UserID, that will be used as part of the SQL Insert.

Please provide a fixed price. The final deliverable will be as a B4A project. Along with documentation and instructions to load the App on an android phone. This is not a publically available program.

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Duncan H Williamson

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Hi are you still looking for this program ? I have just completed writing a warehouse management App which does exactly this ( and a lot more) I would be interested in building a seperate app for you using my code