.net for windows mobile 2002


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Hi all !

I want to know one thing . Which .net version should be used in windows mobile 2002 . Anybody help me .:sign0085:


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To Erle, about PPC2002

Hi there, I was evaluating basic4ppc to build a simple serial monitor program to run on an old ipaq with ppc2002. I am not sure whether or not to believe that b4p can run on this version.
First, on the homepage the b4p is sold for wm2003 and later versions only, while in "the essential" tutorial by Zamir it says supported operating system pocket pc 2002, etc.
Second, the device ide trial fails to run on my ppc2002 device. I found this fairly recent thread about someone asking for .net framework for ppc2002, and Erle didn't say "sorry b4p is not available for ppc2002", but said you need .net cf 1.0, which leads me to believe it should run.

Please let me know if it's worth spending time and money on this product if I need to develop ppc2002 applications.



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I'll explain. The latest version doesn't support .Net CF 1.0 anymore.
The previous version did support .Net CF 1.0 (SP2 or SP3). But you can't use the optimized compiler and many libraries are not supported. There is a serial library however.

If you like you can purchase it and I'll send you the previous version (send me an email to erel@basic4ppc.com) .