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  1. Heinz

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    How can i get the names of the clients from my network ?
    GetIP() only returns an IP from a known hostname (Laptop, PDA...).

    and other question :
    my PDA is not visible in the explorer (WIN XP).
    What can i do ?
  2. agraham

    agraham Expert Licensed User

    A crude way attached, only for the dekstop, using the Process object in my Threading library to start a batch file, wait for it to finish and read the file it wrote. The file paths are hardcoded in the batch and app files. You can work out the parsing of the text file yourself looking for any line beginning "\\". Perhaps somebody else knows a better way?

    I assume you mean over the network rather than by ActiveSync. While a PPC can access network shares on desktops they don't appear under Network in Explorer as they lack the software to identify themselves to other computers on the network.

    EDIT :- This means they don't appear in the list of client names! Note also that clients don't immediately vanish from the client list if they disconnect from the network.

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