New affiliates program


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We now have a new program for affiliates.
Any user can become an affiliate and it doesn't cost anything.

See the next post about how it works.
You will receive 30% of the price (before tax), for each sale that was done from your direct link or by a user which you referred.
The complete process (and payments) is done by Plimus:
To become an affiliate:

I think that many markets and especially non-English speaking markets are not aware of Basic4ppc and persons who are closer to these markets can find many potential customers there.


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To make things simpler, you will also receive 30% of each sale that was done by a customer that was referred by you to Basic4ppc site.
After creating an affiliate account you will receive a referring link.
When a user clicks on this link, he will be referred to Basic4ppc site, and a cookie will be created on his computer.
The cookie's lifetime is one year.
During that year, if the user purchases Basic4ppc you will receive your share.

All you need to do is post a small description and your link in relevant places.


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I've had an email from Plimus telling me the affiliate program has now ended.
Just thought I'd thank Erel for running this program.
I actually sold 3 copies of Basic4ppc through my website,
and received the money :)