Android Tutorial New B4A book: Android App Development for Electronics Designers


Description: This book describes how an Android mobile device can communicate with a variety of hardware platforms β€” including Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and the ESP32 processor β€” over a Wi-Fi link or by using SMS text messages. Some of the projects show how data packets can be sent from a Raspberry Pi, Arduino, or ESP32 processor to an Android mobile phone and then displayed on the mobile phone. All the Android projects in this book were developed using the B4A programming language. The book begins with a description of how to install the B4A on a PC.

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Mark Read

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It is very nice to have such books, especially for beginners. However, at the rate that Erel makes changes and improvements, books can not keep up. I think the combination of the booklets from Klaus and the videos from Erel are better for beginners and experts alike. Just my two pennies worth.

I still "like" the link. Thanks Erel.


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The book is aimed for the beginners who want to learn how to develop apps on the Android mobile devices. It will be of interest to people who may want to develop apps to communicate with the Arduino, ESP32, Raspberry Pi, and other electronic devices using WiFi, SMS etc. Complete and fully tested and working projects are given in the book with the complete program listing. I hope the book becomes useful in your next projects

Prof Dogan Ibrahim


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Thanks for this important book. I gave it a "Like" before reading the post. All what developers need are basic concepts. I assume there are also BT communication examples between Android devices and the outside world.