Wish New command for logs

Peter Simpson

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Hello Erel, before you say just click on the Clear button :p

So far you have Log() and LogColor(), what would you say about creating LogClear() to clear the logs via the source code. This way whilst debugging when developers hit a break point they could just use LogClear() before repopulating the logs with their required log results. Sometimes for example one might log 123456...123456...123456... or reoccurring words, letters etc. It would be nice to have the LogClear() command to clear the logs automatically so that for example all one would see is 123456 and nothing else if LogClear() was used.

Just a though...


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See my answer in post #10: However a "clear command" cannot work this way as it will cause the logs to clear in unwanted situations. For example when the IDE connects to the logs and then sees an old clear command.
Maybe just adding a TimeStamp in the "clear command" to avoid this situations?