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You should have paid a lot of money for tis 3-letter domain name.. 3 and 4 letters are gone long ago..

Peter Simpson

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Oh so that's why I had to login again today (new domain name), I thought that it was strange that all my other logins were just fine. I didn't notice the domain name change, now that's what I call a smooth transition :).

B4x is a great choice for a domain name.
When I read your post the other week about redesigned logo for B4A, I though to myself that b4x or b4all were perfect names for your current collection of GUI development tools.

When you're done, go on holiday with your family for a week or two, you deserve it.

Nice one @Erel, keep up the great work...
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Please use Bootstrap for the main website. It's the easiest way to create responsive websites.

Love the new domain name.

Edit: Also suggest changing the domain of the forum to just simply "/forum" instead of "/android/forum". I think you'll also need to change the domain in your License Details. (Info: Change domain name?)
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