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Hi everyone,

This is a complete wrapper of the latest Google Play Games Services (v17.2.1). I made this for @Jack Cole and he allowed me to post it on the forum to help other users.

Though the functionalities are almost the same but the implementation is a little different than the old wrapper made by @Informatix . There are many methods that have been removed from the new version of GPGS libraries. For more details check this reference.

Important: The main difference is you cannot store the list of the achievements, events, leaderboards, scores, players and snapshots retrieved from their respective clients. When you want the list you have to call the load method to populate the buffer and after using the data you must have to release the buffer else you will get errors while accessing different classes. For example, if you fetch the achievement list and forgot to release the buffer and after that if you fetch the leaderboard list you will get an error.

The wrapper contains almost all (99%) the functionalities and methods that the new GPGS SDK has. Though not all the functionalities are tested. If you encounter any issue please post the complete log.

As the wapper has a huge number of functionalities it's not possible to publish the entire library reference here. I have attached an HTML file in the zip file for reference.

  • GPGSAbstractDataBuffer
  • GPGSAchievement
  • GPGSAchievementsClient
  • GPGSEvent
  • GPGSEventsClient
  • GPGSGame
  • GPGSGames
  • GPGSGamesClient
  • GPGSGamesMetadataClient
  • GPGSLeaderboard
  • GPGSLeaderboardScore
  • GPGSLeaderboardVariant
  • GPGSLeaderboardsClient
  • GPGSNearbyConnections
  • GPGSNetworkInfo
  • GPGSPlayGamesService
  • GPGSPlayer
  • GPGSPlayerLevel
  • GPGSPlayerLevelInfo
  • GPGSPlayerStats
  • GPGSPlayerStatsClient
  • GPGSPlayersClient
  • GPGSScoreSubmissionData
  • GPGSScoreSubmissionDataResult
  • GPGSSnapshot
  • GPGSSnapshotContents
  • GPGSSnapshotMetadata
  • GPGSSnapshotMetadataChange
  • GPGSSnapshotsClient
  • GPGSUserAccount
  • GPGSVideoCapabilities
  • GPGSVideoCaptureState
  • GPGSVideosClient

  1. Download latest IDE and Android SDK (Skip if already using the latest ones)
  2. Copy the attached jar and xml file to the additional libs folder.
  3. Open B4A SDK Manager and wait for the list to load.
  4. Deselect all.
  5. Only install these following libraries (installing other libraries may cause compilation error, do it at your own risk),
    1. firebase-abt
    2. play-services-games
    3. play-services-location
    4. play-services-tasks
  6. Now close the SDK Manager
  7. If you are going to integrate this to an existing project then remember to clean the project.
    IDE > Tools > Clean project.

Setup GPGS: Check this documentation to set up and configure the GPGS.

Manifest Code:
<meta-data android:name="com.google.android.gms.games.APP_ID" android:value="@string/app_id" />
<meta-data android:name="com.google.android.gms.version" android:value="@integer/google_play_services_version" />
<activity android:name="com.google.android.gms.auth.api.signin.internal.SignInHubActivity" android:windowSoftInputMode="stateHidden|adjustPan"/>
'The xml file content generated from play console
CreateResource(values, game-ids.xml,  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <string name="app_id" translatable="false">******</string>
Sub Class_Globals
    Public GPlayGamesService As GPGSPlayGamesService 'This is the main entry point
    Public GGames As GPGSGames 'will be auto initialized on successful signin

    Public gc As GPGSGamesClient
    Public lbc As GPGSLeaderboardsClient
    Public pc As GPGSPlayersClient
    Public ac As GPGSAchievementsClient
End Sub

Private Sub B4XPage_Created (Root1 As B4XView)
    GPlayGamesService.Initialize("GPGS") 'this eventname prefix will be used for all the classes for this library.
End Sub

Sub GPGS_Connected
    'After login get all the clients required from GPGSGames
    gc = GGames.GetGamesClient
    lbc = GGames.GetLeaderboardsClient
    pc = GGames.GetPlayersClient
    ac = GGames.GetAchievementsClient
End Sub

Sub GPGS_OnGPGSActivityResult(RequestCode As String, ResultCode As Int, ResultIntent As Intent) 
    If ResultCode = GPlayGamesService.RESULT_RECONNECT_REQUIRED Then
        'signed out from popup activity
        'internally it will clear the user login session so you dont have to call SignOut again.
        'you can signin again or do any other activity related to signout event
    End If
End Sub

Sub GPGS_SignInFailed(code As Int, status As String)
    Log($"GPGS_SignInFailed(code=${code}, status=${status})"$)
End Sub

Example of fetching achievement list and releasing the buffer after usage:
Private Sub Button_UnlockAchievement_Click
    Wait For GPGS_AchievementsLoaded(count As Int, statusCode As Int)
    'check if the process was successful or not
    If statusCode  = GPlayGamesService.RESULT_SUCCESS Then
        'the buffer will be accessible from ac.GetAchievementsBuffer
        Dim achd As GPGSAchievement = ac.GetAchievementFromBuffer(0)
        If achd.GetState = achd.STATE_HIDDEN Then
        End If
        If achd.GetState = achd.TYPE_INCREMENTAL And achd.GetCurrentSteps<achd.GetTotalSteps Then
            ac.SetStepsImmediate(achd.GetAchievementId, achd.GetCurrentSteps+1)
        End If

        'Important: if you are done with the buffer then release it
        ac.GetAchievementsBuffer.Release '<- Important
    End If
End Sub

Update 1.01: Fixed an issue related to the sign-out event triggered from popup activities (Achievements/Leaderboard) You can check the resultCode received from OnGPGSActivityResult event. If the resultCode = RESULT_RECONNECT_REQUIRED, then it means the user clicked on the sign-out button from the popup activities. Check the example code.

Update 1.02: Added StatusCode to almost all the events to check whether the task was successful or not. Check the attached HTML file for event signature changes.

Update 1.03:
  1. Added IsSignedIn method to check if the user is signed in or not.
  2. Added GetLastSignedInAccount method that will return a GPGSUserAccount object or null if not signed in.
Update 1.04:
  1. Fixed IsSignedIn and GetLastSignedInAccount method where those were returning null when using SnapshotAPI.
  2. Fixed crashing issue while creating a snapshot with existing snapshot name. Update your project's SnapshotConflictOccurred event signature. It has been changed.
Update 1.05: Fixed unused permission issue when using GPGSGamesClient.


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Jack Cole

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Unfortunately the event "GPGS_ScoreSubmitted" is not returned.
I corrected the event for the new version.

This is working for me. I have to use SubmitScoreImmediate.

Sub Leaderboard_Send_Score(LeaderboardId As String, Score As Int)
    lbc.SubmitScoreImmediate(LeaderboardId, Score)
End Sub

Sub GPGS_ScoreSubmitted(submissionData As GPGSScoreSubmissionData, statusCode As Int)
    LogColor($"submissiondata.GetLeaderboardId=${submissionData.GetLeaderboardId}, submissiondata.GetScoreResult=${submissionData.GetScoreResult(submissionData.TIME_SPAN_DAILY).FormattedScore}, StatusCode=${statusCode}"$, Colors.red)
    If submissionData.GetScoreResult(submissionData.TIME_SPAN_ALL_TIME).NewBest Then
        ToastMessageShow(submissionData.GetScoreResult(submissionData.TIME_SPAN_ALL_TIME).FormattedScore, False)
    End If
End Sub



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