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Discussion in 'Questions (Windows Mobile)' started by texaspoker11, May 29, 2008.

  1. texaspoker11

    texaspoker11 New Member


    First, sorry my english, I am a hungarian man. I found out this program now, tested some command...

    How can I animated this picture on the screen? I tried to modify the "sprite.sbp" settings, but the program was froozen...

    The picture is too big?

    How can i draw two pictures (with alternate) to the same place an with second changes or alternate picture when pushing a button?

    09scatter_anim.jpg (2640x55 --> 44 cube - 60x55 pix)

    explodeSprite.New2(AppPath & "\explode.gif",5,44,44,5) 'Create the explode sprite.

    Modify: explodeSprite.New2(AppPath & "\09scatter_anim.jpg",44,60,55,44)

    Greet the help

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  2. Erel

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    Change line 39 in the sprite example to:
    Sprite.New2(AppPath & "\09scatter_anim.jpg",44,60,55,60)
  3. texaspoker11

    texaspoker11 New Member

    when I press "RUN", the program starts the compiling, but the program is frozen off... necessary to restart the MIO P340. (WM5)

    Tested in the Desdtop: explodeSprite.New2(AppPath & "\09scatter_anim.jpg",44,60,55,40) ... explodeSprite.LifeTimeCounter = 44

    It is working perfektly... the PDA is weak?
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  4. atlantis

    atlantis New Member

    Help me

    Hi All!

    I try everything already... (try the program, some days)
    But I don't realize: how I can make it, that a "background" - named picture load up for background, then onto this picture draw 2 or 3 pictures different places simultaneously...

    For example I have: background.jpg (coordinates: x=0, y=0), 1.jpg (10,10), 2.jpg (50,50), 2.jpg (100,100)

    Greet the help

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