B4A Library NFC Tagwriter and iBeacon libraries for free


I have decided to release the NFC Tagwriter and iBeacon library for free within two weeks.

My company ThingsTank (.com) has spent around EUR 500 to get these created but I donate them with pleasure to this great community.

Currently i'm working on a few samples around these libraries which have been written by Tomas. The libraries work fine but support is not provided.

As ThingsTank we have used the two libraries for some prototypes for a few customers and they work extremely well.

I hope in the end someone wants to maintain them, I have the source code in my possession.

My vision is that a mix of these nearby technologies can really work together well in retail, healthcare and events.


Hans Blaauw

Update: I have attached a sample project and the library files in the libs folder for writing NFC tags.

Update 17/08/2014: You can find the iBeacon library and simple sample here: <deleted link>

Update: 04/11/1014
We have to take the download link for the iBeacon library down. We used a version of Radius Networks Android library but this company has taken down all libraries because Apple is forcing them to do so because of the iBeacon specification. See this article: http://beekn.net/2014/07/ibeacon-for-android/


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Guys, I am looking to try out writing and reading to mifare 1kb cards, I have been looking for the RSNFCTagWriter library.
Are there any other combinations that may work.

My idea is to write data to student cards, Like a loyalty type of application.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. I am using version 5.20