Share My Creation NodeMCU(ESP8266) Server+DHT11+(3xDS18B20)+MagneticDoorSwitch+FixedIP+B4RSerializator

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    This is an example of server using NodeMCU(ESP8266) using library: rDHT v2.00, rESP8266 v1.00, rESP8266Wifi v1.30, rOneWire v1.00, rRandomAccessFile v1.80.
    For NodeMCU(ESP8266), you need to change DHT library line 122 in dht.cpp
    For Arduino, DHT library, remain original
    Schematic is this:
    Server read sensor and send data using B4RSerializator only when a client is connected. This monitor my home heating system, radiators, indoor temperature and humidity , outdoor temperature and door open/close.
    Partial server code here:
    And client build with B4A.


    Local weather is from You can register and using API can download weather in json format for free 500 time/day.
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    Very cool little project
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