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Not a match 3 game
Object to clear a board of 6 x 6 so 36 blocks in a time of seconds without time running out. The catch is there are 4 colors or symbols and you cant touch 2 the same. So you touch a red you cant do a red right after. You have to choose another then you can do a red after that if you choose. When the timer runs out you lose. If you clear the board 100% you win and your time is recorded accordingly. If you clear but have 1 or more blocks still showing you get a time penalty. The object is to have taken the least amount of time to clear.

you earn coins for each block you clear. There values range from 1 to 3. The value depends on the theme you are using. Some themes have symbols or colors that are almost similar and hard to distinguish from a glance. Those are valued at 3. The easy ones are valued at 1.

The coins are used for in app surcharging (not micro purchasing). Im no fan of micro transactions in games. They ruin it and no real feeling of being rewarded for your work. The coins are used to buy Themes in the the store in game. There will be 5 themes to start and more to come after that.

There will be achievements as well. These will be for your enjoyment to show off what you have done so far. There will be collected coins, total coins. How fast you clear a 1 to 3 star theme. How many blocks you have left. have a certain block left over... etc. there will be many to achieve. The biggest one that will be there is 2m coins (1 week ad free play).

In a week or so i want to have full demo working. I need testers. I need devices that are 1080 900 7768 720 16:9 res and Oddballs like kindles. They have 8000 res. so far its ready for 1080​




The game now has a placeholder for your previous color ylor symbol so you know what not to touch. There is a 3 second count down to start match. Replay or new game button. Pause button. Coins accumulate now and save .

Added a clear 100% and cleared almost screen. Its just temp right now but will change later on. Will make a more pro one later on.
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Looks great! Can you give some hints about how to create this game? I am always dreaming of creating a game like this with B4A :)

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I will have a demo up soon I'm doing this in my off time from work so 1 day a week but it will get there