B4J Library NumberFormatInput B4xLib (B4j Only)

This is a B4xlib customview that uses a textfield, label and the textformatter lib to provide formatting of a numeric text field with NumberFormat2.

Once the textfield loses focus, the number is displayed with formatting defined in the custom view by overlaying a label.

Click on the label to edit the text, you can also programmatically get and set the value using the B4xNFinput.text methods.

The customview uses a layout so you can change it as you like if you unpack the lib.


The number format is modifiable in the designer on the customview but requires delimiting with a semicolon ";" rather than the number formats comma ",".

Depends On:
Download the B4xNFInput b4xlib and TextFormatter B4xlib and save them with your B4xLibs.​
Add the custom view to your layout.​
Define the format in the designer customview entry.​
The demo in the zip file is a simple example.​
Please test and let me know of any problems. Feel free to unpack the library and make any changes you require.​


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