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    The goal of this Make Project numberX is to build a LEGO ® module to generate and display a random number within a given range. Powered by an Arduino UNO.
    Usage example for playing games requiring random number (instead of dices).

    Bit of Background: Idea came up during Christmas Eve to have a device which enables to generate a number between 1 - 9 (or higher depending nr of family members). We only had two dices with 6 numbers each (bit of math required :)), an app was not an alternative as want to have something tangible.

    For 2017 one of my goals is to Make Things (preferable with B4R & LEGO), so took this opportunity and created numberX as my first (a simple one) 2017 Make Project ... more to come...

    See here for details. Download B4R source.

    Note: working to publish on Instructables.


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